Department of Electroplating and Environmental Protection

The Department of Electroplating and Environmental Protection conducts research on the production of metal, alloy, composite and conversion coatings as well as on the electrochemical and chemical refinement of product surface. The Department also conducts activities contributing to the development of electroplating, one of the most widespread methods used for protection of metal surface against corrosion and for improvement of the durability, performance and appearance of products. The Department’s activities are aimed at supporting the Polish industry in the modernisation of galvanising plants and their safe operation.

As part of its environmental protection activities, the Department disseminates knowledge that enables industrial plants using surface treatment of metals and plastics to use techniques and technologies with the smallest environmental impact. The Department conducts research and work on the application of new technologies for waste recovery and recycling, contributing to a quicker transition into the circular material economy.

The Department includes a state-of-the-art laboratory for research on and implementation of functional coatings and coatings from precious metal alloys.