We help enterprises in developing new methods, technical and technological solutions and improving their products. Based on the latest scientific and technical knowledge and using the testing capabilities of our own laboratories, we propose R&D activities concerning electroplating and associated areas, with focus on implementation (we carry out R&D projects).


  • We apply gold coatings on items for customers from the jewellery, electronic and medical industries, in particular.
  • We conduct research in the field of galvanic baths analysis, coating properties and process technologies.
  • We conduct specialist training in electroplating and associated areas (galvaniser’s job, environmental protection, OHS).
  • We develop and produce compounds and auxiliary products for electroplating.
  • We prepare reports, studies and also provide technical advice with respect to the QUALANOD quality system.

Metal coatings

  • Nickel coatings.
  • Zinc coatings.
  • Copper coatings.
  • Gold coatings.
  • Silver coatings.
  • Chromium coatings.

Conversion coatings

  • Advanced technologies for anodic oxidation of aluminium.
  • Development of aluminium dyeing processes.
  • Coatings with superhydrophobic properties.

Composite coatings

Development of electrochemical and chemical processes for the production of functional metal-dispersion phase composite coatings

– with ceramic dispersion phase: Al2O3, Si3N4, SiC;

– with soft dispersion phase, e.g.: PTFE, MoS2;

– with carbon-based dispersion phase, e.g. graphene, carbon nanotubes, graphite, diamond.

Alloy coatings

  • Development of processes for production and testing of the properties of functional and decorative coatings with special properties, resistant to wear and corrosion (Ni-P, Ni-B, Ni-W and Co-P).
  • Development of processes for production and testing of the properties of coatings from precious metal alloys.
  • Production of coatings using the chemical (electroless deposition) method.
  • Economical and environmentally friendly coating regeneration methods (selective method).
  • Production of zinc-based alloy coatings, e.g. Zn-Ni.
  • Replacements for technical chrome coatings, e.g. Ni-P, Ni-B, Ni-W and Co-P.

Coating tests

  • Chemical composition.
    • Thickness.
    • Surface morphology.
    • Roughness.
    • Gloss.
    • Microhardness.
    • Internal stresses.
    • Corrosion resistance by electrochemical methods.

Tests of galvanic baths

  • Qualitative analysis.
    • Quantitative analysis.
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