• We conduct research and issue publications concerning Best Available Techniques (BAT) and cleaner production technologies for surface treatment of metals and plastics.
  • We prepare reports and perform services and research activities related to production in the following areas:
    ‒ Best Available Techniques (BAT) in surface treatment of metals;
    – adaptation of galvanising plants to the requirements of Integrated Permits in accordance with the so-called IPPC Directive and the IED;
    – use of cleaner production technologies;
    ‒ effective and economical methods of rinsing;
    ‒ treatment of wastewater from surface treatment of metals;
    ‒ new methods for recovery of ingredients from technological baths;
    ‒ modification of technological processes to reduce environmental impact.
  • We provide advise on how to reduce the environmental impact of industrial installations:
    – use of the Best Available Technique (BAT) in the design and operation of metal surface treatment installations (minimised consumption of raw materials, water and energy, minimised emissions, mitigation of consequences of industrial accidents);
    ‒ REACH system for the electroplating industry.
  • We conduct research on innovative technologies for material recycling and recovery.

We are actively involved in efforts of Polish and international associations aimed at shaping the European Union environmental policy.

We participate in the implementation and modification of technological processes to reduce their environmental impact.

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